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This syllabus is drawn purposely for examination, hence the topics are not necessarily arranged in the order in which they should be taught.

The following assumptions were made in drawing of the syllabus:

  1. That candidates must have covered the Integrated Science/Basic Science or General Science and Mathematics syllabuses at the Junior Secondary School (JSS)/Junior High School (J.H.S) level;
  2. That candidates would carry out as many of the suggested activities and project work as possible, and consequently develop the intended competencies and skills as spelt out in the relevant Chemistry teaching syllabuses;
  3. That schools which offer the subject have well-equipped laboratories.

Note: Candidates are required to have the knowledge of the significant figures, S.I. units and the conventional/IUPAC system of nomenclature.

2.   AIMS

The aims and objectives of the syllabus are to assess candidates’

  1. understanding of basic chemistry concepts;
  2. level of acquisition of laboratory skills including awareness of hazards and safety measures;
  3. level of awareness of the inter-relationship between chemistry and other discipline;
  4. level of awareness of the linkage between chemistry and industry/environment/everyday life in terms of benefits and hazards;
  5. skills of critical and logical thinking.